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Illinois AFL-CIO endorses Koehler

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Illinois AFL-CIO, a labor organization representing 1,500 union locals and nearly 900,000 people statewide, announced their endorsement of State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria).

Senator Koehler, who stood on the front line in the fight against Bruce Rauner’s anti-union agenda, said he is honored to have the support of union men and women.

“The middleclass here in Central Illinois was built by carpenters, electricians, operating engineers,laborers, plumbers, iron workers and all the other union trades who gave working people a fighting chance at securing a better future for their families,”Koehler said. “I never take the support of organized labor for granted, and I will always fight to make sure working families have a voice at the table.”

State Senator Dave Koehler is currently running for reelection in the 46th Legislative District which contains parts of Peoria, Fulton and Tazewell Counties.

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