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Inflation/Tax Relief

Supporting a budget that puts the hard-working people of Illinois first and fixes our state’s finances has been a priority for me since coming into office. I will always find ways to make it easier for working families to keep money in their pockets.


As State Senator I have helped:

  • Freeze Illinois’ gas tax

  • Suspend grocery sales tax

  • Pass the School Tax Holiday



A woman’s right to choose is a basic fundamental right and I will always fight to protect that right. That’s why I voted to make Roe v. Wade the law of the land in Illinois, because a woman’s health care decision should be between her and her doctor, without politicians getting in the way.


Public Safety

As State Senator, I have worked to keep our communities safe by supporting laws that take a multifaceted approach to prevent, address, and reduce crimes. 


I voted for laws that:

  1. Require a more robust pretrial hearing 

  2. Increase police training while also holding law enforcement accountable and transparent

  3. Change the use-of-force standards

  4. Protect small businesses from retail crime

Vocational/Trade Training

I believe that honest, good-paying jobs should be available in all fields to anyone willing to put in the work. I will continue to fight to open doors and break down barriers to welcome people of all demographics and backgrounds into the trades.



We have a responsibility to protect the communities that we live in and safely dispose of any associated waste. As former Chair of the Environmental Committee, I championed a law expanding recycling opportunities for renewable energy technology and voted yes on banning single use plastic foodware in state parks. 


As a state, we have a responsibility to make quality healthcare affordable, accessible and safe for everyone, including our seniors. In recent years, I have pushed to expand Medicaid coverage and voted yes to increase funding for Nursing home staff wages as well as incentivizing nursing homes to increase the amount of staff they have in their facilities so that every senior has quality care. 

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